Advisory Board

DPPH operated in close coordination with other SPHN/PHRT projects, and involved a high profile Scientific Advisory Board that articulated this coordination and cooperation, with periodic meetings and active information exchange about the project outcomes and directions towards providing an effective security and privacy framework for SPHN seamlessly integrated into the research projects. These were the members of the DPPH Advisory Board:

Karsten Borgwardt


PI of the SPHN/PHRT-funded project “Personalized Swiss Sepsis Study” (PSSS)                                                      

Olivier Michielin


Vice-chair of the SPHN Executive Board and PI of the SPHN-funded project “Swiss Personalized Oncology Driver” (SPOD)

Christian Britschgi

Univ. Hospital Zurich

Senior Physician for Medical Oncology and Hematology Co-Director Sarcoma Center – Comprehensive Cancer Center

Sacha Rothschild

Univ. of Basel

Senior Physician Medical Oncology and Head of Clinical Research Medical Oncology at the University Hospital Basel. Member of the SAKK Board.

Christian Lovis


Member of the SPHN Executive Board and PI of the SPHN-funded project “LOINC for Swiss Laboratories” (L4CHLAB)

Mark Rubin

Univ. of Bern

PI of the SPHN/PHRT-funded project “Swiss Oncology and Cancer Immunology Breakthrough Platform” (SOCIBP)

Torsten Schwede

Univ. of Basel / SIB

Vice President for Research, University of Basel

Didier Trono


PI of the PHRT-funded project “TEs as cancer biomarkers and therapeutic targets”